Summer bulbs

Flower bulbs can be generally classified into two large groups: spring bulbs and summer bulbs. Spring bulbs flower in the spring and have to be planted in the autumn. Summer bulbs have to be planted in the spring to flower in the summer. And to make things even a bit more complicated, in addition to the spring and summer bulbs, there is another small group: the autumn bulbs. Autumn flowering bulbs have to be planted in July after which they will flower in the autumn.

What are summer bulbs?

Summer bulbs are flower bulbs that have to be planted in the spring and will bloom in the summer. Summer flowering bulbs start becoming widely available in February. The best time to plant them is in May or June once the risk of frost is over: a delightful little outdoor job when the spring sun begins to shine. The earliest summer flowering bulbs, such as lilies, will start flowering in June. The latest, such as begonias and dahlias, will still be blooming at the end of October.