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Colourful flower bulbs for plant lovers

Plants make us feel good, so do some good with plants. Plants do more than just provide us with moments of Zen: they also put a smile on our faces. Flower bulbs in particular keep us busy in the garden even after what we think of as the gardening season is over. That’s because they are not planted until autumn.

The autumn

It might seem as if the gardening season has ended but nothing could be farther from the truth. There’s still an important reason to get out there and enjoy a bit of gardening: plant flower bulbs. These garden gems are planted in the autumn so they have the whole winter to get ready for their big flowering display. It’s during this time that they develop good healthy roots that will help them produce their spring flowers.


Before you plant them, you have to choose them. There are so many kinds of flower bulbs that all of us can find what we want. Right now, there are three trends to consider: The Human Touch, Balanced Biotope and Recentred Stage. Each is paired with its own colour scheme. They range from soft earth tones to natural greens to contrasting colours. But which of these trend colours will look best in your own garden?

The Human Touch

This garden trend is clearly all about ‘the human touch’. You can see this in the inviting look it creates that makes you feel right at home. Warm earth and skin tones are set against lilac and ochre yellow. Flower bulbs intensify this friendly impression due to their profusely flowering, softly rounded flowers. Plant them in undulating drifts of both light and dark colours for a perfect sense of harmony.

243220_aangepast.jpg 219987_aangepast.jpg

215017_aangepast.jpg 206572_aangepast.jpg

Balanced Biotope

This garden’s number one priority is biodiversity. This small biotope - in other words, the garden - really respects the needs of nature. Predominating here are yellow-green colours. Create a bold look by using unpolished materials as well as blue and brick red as supplementary colours. A colourful planting of flower bulbs in clusters is a logical choice for what looks like a naturalised garden.

216850_aangepast.jpg 23106_aangepast.jpg

216118_aangepast.jpg 243124_aangepast.jpg

Recentred Stage

This trend is all about its surprising differences in height: everywhere you turn, you see something different. The result is an exciting garden with many little places to discover anew. Here, flower bulbs can accentuate these whimsical relationships. Combining vivid colours and pastels (that keep the whole look from being garish) makes for a colourful, contrasting and playful impression.

223490_aangepast.jpg 243171_aangepast.jpg

217227_(1) aangepast.jpg 213854_aangepast.jpg

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