1. The wonderful world of flower bulbs

The wonderful world of flower bulbs

Yesterday, during a wonderful walk I took as part of my work in the gardens of Appeltern, I was referred to as the ‘flower girl’. Probably because I often react so excitedly (maybe too much so for some people!) to something I discover in the incredibly beautiful world of nature.

I feel really fortunate that I enjoy what I do for a living. I love flowers and plants simply because they make me so happy. After having worked for years with houseplants and cut flowers I can now work with flower bulbs at iBulb. Not very interesting you might think - but for me, it’s opened up a whole new world! ‘I’ve only been working here a month and I’m already addicted to bulbs. But I still have much more to find out about this fascinating world. A moment ago, I was sitting in the nice warm sunshine on my office balcony, my mind wandering from one thing to another. Why not let other people in on my passion for nature? The feeling you get from it is so nice - and it’s often just a few steps away! Sitting there in the sun, I made a decision: I’m going to write a blog. In this blog - ‘The Wonderful World of Flower Bulbs’ - I’m going to let you join me on my journey through the wonderful world of flower bulbs.

Jessica Wagemaker

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